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Chairman Message


Education is the foundation of progress and prosperity. For the sake of all-round development of human life, education has its special significance. It is with the medium of education that growth is possible. In this sense, with the informal and formal education through rishikul, gurukul, and tapoban ashram laid by our

predecessors, culture, refinement, morality, and the taking of birth and growing of the virtuous good character citizens are lively in the pages of history. It is widely known that the establishment of Nepal’s formal education has arisen from this very topographical reality and moving forward.

Kamal Netra Chuna Muna School was erected on 12th of Falgun, 2045 BS, which is located at Bhimsengola, Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu, with the untiring effort of some education loving ascetic devotees. This school was established in such a condition when there was an excessive attraction towards English; and, boarding schools were run less in number then. This school is established with the objective of assisting in the reduction of the compulsion of sending our children to foreign places such as Darjeeling, Kharsang, Kalimpong, and, Dehra Dun, albeit in a low scale, which is in itself significant and special. Traversing through a journey of three decades, this school, operated in private level, has been successful in its history of producing human power required for the nation and competent international students. This school, standing on the strong foundation, is appealing to the guardians. Appealing you all to offer your children to us and promising that we will offer a bright future to your children, I would like to extend my cordial good wishes to all the concerned.

Best regards,
Dr. Ram Prasad Dahal