Academic Calender

Extracurricular Activities

We believe ECAs play a rather meaningful role in a student’s education and life. KIST’s extracurricular activities are indeed a vibrant side of its campus life making our students fit in body, mind, and spirit to take on the challenges of the 21st century.


The College has many stimulating clubs for the students’ diverse areas of interest like science and technology, management, or art and literature. KNCM clubs regale and refresh our hard working students and provide them a full college experience and a healthy psychological outlet.

Social Service

KNCM motivates its youngsters to serve society in as many ways as they possibly can. Many of our students volunteer for blood donation, public health awareness, sanitation programs, traffic safety and natural calamity relief.

Games & Sports

The College has many games and sports including basketball, futsal, badminton, and table tennis. We also hold many intra- and inter-college competitions or friendly matches to increase players’ participation and to inspire them to perform better and better.

Co-Curricular Activities

CCAs at KNCM certainly enrich students’ lives by developing their personalities and academic profiles through productive engagement. The College has varied co-curricular activities that galvanize our youngsters to do even better and stay ahead.

Seminars & Workshops

The College organizes frequent seminars and workshops to inform students about higher education and related careers. These occasions are about specific subject areas and have an interactive environment for students to learn from experts and orientate themselves.


KNCM regularly publishes magazines and newsletters managed by students. Their articles go a long way in making such productive output interesting and memorable apart from fostering students’ managerial skills.


The College organizes numerous contests to supplement formal studies and encourages intellectual or artistic pursuits. These include quiz contests, debates, recitation, elocution, and art & craft.